Hair Extensions

Micro Ring Hair Extensions (single micro ring strand)

100% Human hair, includes cut


Micro ring hair extensions are the safest technique of hair extensions on the market today.

It is generally the small and most undetectable hair extensions technique available.

Combining strands of natural hair with the extensions hair. there is no glue,sewing or heat involved therefore there is no damage to natural hair and in fact allow your natural hair to grow healthier in the meantime.

Micro ring extensions should last three to four month before needing to be removed,re-installed or tightened. also can change single strands.

This technique can be done on all type of hair. The copper rings come in different colours and are covered with plastic providing a comfortable cushion for the hair.

The ringare clamped very securely in place and will not slip out . micro rings are very comfortable and stay in place until removed.

Whether your looking to increase volume,add length or change your look completely great looking.


Up to 10 pieces $10 each
Half pack (40 pieces) $300
Full pack (80 pieces) $550
Add $7
Recycle $5
Tangle Hair Care $35